Languages open your world

Global strategy and contacts, balanced with local proximity to the customer - this perfect combination of vision and action characterizes the inlingua system. inlingua International is a global leader in the field of language services. A Swiss company founded in 1968, inlingua has helped millions of clients at more than 300 language centers located around the world.

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Trainer Training

inlingua International offers trainer training, live as well as web-based, to enable your trainers to give their best for their learners. Check the information on the intranet or contact us to book your next seminar.

Quality Management System

inlingua's global network can guarantee high quality products and services. ISO 29990 is our commitment to high standards. You may find more information about our Quality Management System on the intranet.

Tools & Resources

With inlingua Intranet Premium Services you have access to a wide variety of corporate and teaching resources. Contact us at the inlingua International headquarters to upgrade your membership.